Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kübler at BevMo?!

Spoon spotted Kübler at BevMo! so hopefully Lucid isn't far behind. (Not to keep dissing Kübler, it's just not to my taste.) Al Brown spotted both absinthes for sale in Boston at Liquor Land and a few other places last week-- it will be interesting to see if Lucid can keep up with the more experienced Kübler in terms of satisfying market demand.

Update 12/5: Well, it looks like absinthe is totally mainstream-- just picked up Lucid from the same BevMo where Spoon spotted the Kübler.


  1. I guess Kübler is more to my taste than Lucid. I liked Lucid well enough to drink 2 bottles but now when I taste it, I'm not inclined to drink it anymore. I do like everything else that Ted makes, though.

    I went to the BevMo on Van Ness this morning to get a few bottles of wine for Thanksgiving. I saw the guy putting 2 bottles of Kübler in one of the locked cases, and I couldn't resist buying a bottle. It felt good actually walking into a liquor store and buying a bottle of absinthe!

  2. Not yet have I seen Kubler or Lucid at my BevMo. Ours is less than 6 months old and I keep filling out forms for them to stock a Russian beer my wife likes (Baltika #3) and also fill out their form online, yet months later, they still dont stock it. I'll talk to a friend of mine 50 miles south and his BevMo always has this beer!

    Its going to be an uphill battle I think for me to get absinthe at my BevMo. They do however have the Pernod non-absinthe absinthe (whatever thats called) and they have the Absente.

  3. Just picked up a bottle of Lucid at the San Mateo BevMo, they also had tons of the Kubler! A great way to celebrate the end of prohibition.