Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New York Times Rates Absinthes

Today's New York Times article rating absinthes manages to break through the hype and bad rep and actually do a tasting. While not completely moronic like The Wall Street Journal's attempt published Saturday (seriously? Mata Hari?!), they omit a few-- both good and bad-- and I generally disagree with their ratings. Still, it's good to see people trying to take it seriously.

La Clandestine, Nouvelle-Orléans, and Emile Pernot (should be listed as Vieux Pontarlier) should be at the top. Surprising that they chose not to rate four American-made absinthes (though they may have tasted them, and they did rate St. George)-- Vieux Carré, Absinthe Marteau, and Absinthe Pacifique are delicious and authentic, and while I have only tried an early batch of Leopold Brothers, which I didn't care for, I hear newer batches are much improved.

Update: I forgot to mention two other American-made absinthes (of which I have no opinion-- I've tasted neither) by Delaware Phoenix. All of the American-made absinthes are available at a vendor that has satisfied the itch very nicely lately...:)