Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wired on Lucid Absinthe: "Barely Legal"

The Lucid media machine keeps rolling forward, with Wired publishing an article today comparing Lucid to Jade Liquor's Verte Suisse as well as Absente and two Czech brands. The always, uh, lucid Ted Breaux explains some history and chemistry, making sure to take a swipe at the foul Czech products which consistently misrepresent both.

Though retailers sold out of their first cases quickly, (free shipping ftw!) accepts pre-orders of Lucid, expecting to receive their next shipment in the last week of July. You can find a list of other vendors along with bars, restaurants, and clubs serving Lucid at

Update: Got my Lucid... and I like it! Tastes like a Jade but with less flavor, very balanced recipe... much better than I'd expected!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Report from Boveresse

Affiche 2007Back from Europe for a week now, I finally posted a Flickr set and have time to comment on la Fête d'Absinthe in Boveresse. Short story: good times, new friends, great food and drink (oh the drinks!), and a bright future for absinthe's resurgence. A few observations in no particular order...

  • Val de Travers is beautiful! With spectacular wild greenery in every direction-- any random square meter of weeds reveals a dozen or more wildflowers in bloom-- it's no mystery how a drink like absinthe originated in this special place. The hospitality and charm of the locals (except for one guy in a cow suit) made the Valley a pleasure to visit and ensured that I'll make the trip again.
  • The "forum people" were a blast! I mean absinthe people, really-- connoisseurs, evangelists, artists, absintheurs, distributors-- everyone knew the history and traditions and had strong (generally shared) opinions, and I felt an instant camaraderie-- we're all working to bring it back the right way, and it was great to be surrounded by Swiss, French, Italian, German, English, Danish, Swedish, and American devotees of la fée.
  • The selection of absinthes at the festival was a slight disappointment for many attendees, and while I had expected mostly blanches, I didn't realize that vertes' presence would be so rare. There is some effort to expand (back) into that area, specifically Claude-Alain Bugnon's announcement of his new Verte Suisse "Angélique" with a deep, natural green tint, and Absinthe La P'tite's "Absinthe la Valdetra Verte", a very light green absinthe, more a nod to the green tradition (and a clever play on words to boot). My favorite blanches were La P'tite, La Philosophe, and "Elixer du Pays des Fées", though I have to confess-- it got hard to tell them all apart after the first few tastes.
  • Nico rocks. His bar rocks. I want an mp3 of "Ketchup"... did anybody record him?!
  • Absinthe is Absinthes are coming to America! I heard mention that Kubler has already gotten approval to sell in the U.S. as well as another new absinthe (which I'm not sure has been announced) produced by a joint venture between an established expert and existing absinthe distillery. It would be great to see (and be involved with?!) an American-based producer-- it will happen sooner or later.
  • It seemed like everybody who made the trip from the U.S. hailed from the San Francisco Bay Area-- makes sense given the tradition of Northern California foodies appreciating the best of the best in food and drink. Too bad I haven't been able to find Lucid on any Bay Area liquor store shelves.
More Festival notes to follow, but it's a beautiful Saturday so I'm pouring another glass... Santé!