Thursday, December 20, 2007

St. George: Early Arrival!

I leave San Francisco later tonight and figured I'd try the St. George absinthe when I get back in a few days, but DM just called to say he picked up my bottle from D&M Liquors-- I'm off to the Mission to pick it up!!! First louche picture to come ASAP...

Update 10:00PM: Got the bottle but I need to head to OAK in a few minutes...:( No time to louche it up, but I'll be following reports of the release event and tastings over the next few days, and I'll be back in SF by Christmas Eve for my first taste with a few friends. Couldn't resist shooting the label since it's not the 21st yet.


  1. Is D & M the only place to get it in SF so far? I'll have to call around and try to save myself a trip to the Western Addition.

    We are borrowing one of Paul's antique water drippers for our holiday party this weekend.

  2. The local vendor list is up at the the St. George home page-- I'd figured I'd wait and buy it at the distillery next week, but my friend called a few stores and D&M's list was the shortest.

  3. Just went to D & M, but they are sold out until February. In fact, every store on that list is sold out.
    When I asked some of them when they will get more I was told that they "have recieved all that they will get.".
    "So you won't be recieving anymore? Ever?" I ask.
    "Thats what they are telling us."
    That can't be right.

  4. Woot! I hope you like it!

    (my own ramblings about the opening day event can be found here. Short version: INSANE!!! Fun. But...)

    And, btw, Doc Pop need not despair. They're cooking up another batch, ASAP - January, I believe.

  5. Just came back from the distillery, when I left they were telling the people still in line that they were likely not getting any - its probably sold out as of closing today at the distillery too!!!

  6. Anon: I'm not surprised. They had about 1500 bottles to sell at the distillery, and 500 were sold in the first hour. Unbelievable! I was amazed they had anything past 2PM, going at that rate. When I left at 3:30, they were down to approximately 300 bottles...

    There's going to be another production run early in the new year. Jorg & Lance are businessmen - there *will* be more. ;)

  7. Just picked up a bottle from Arlington Wine and Spirits in Kensington (N. o' Berkeley). They have 4 left as of tonight.