Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jade N-O and Clandestine on the Way

Viridian Spirits, of Lucid fame, have announced that they are bringing T.A. Breaux's Jade Nouvelle-Orléans and Claude-Alain Bugnon's La Clandestine to the U.S.!

Prices of $110 and $80 seem fair (given current exchange rates, [grumble grumble]) for two of the finest absinthes available-- Nouvelle-Orléans is my favorite Jade, and La Clandestine is a much fresher and more complex Swiss blanche than Kubler.


  1. Did they have to change the recipe to get it allowed into the US?

  2. Thanks! That forum thread says that it was tested at 20ppm thujone and the legal limit is 10ppm, isn't it? That doesn't make sense and so it was changed for the US? What about Clandestine? Was that changed? Do you think that changing the thujone levels for the US market will affect the flavour at all?

  3. It was actually "well over 20ppm":

    "I find the Nouvelle Orleans news particularly interesting, especially since its thujone content tested at well over 20ppm some time ago"

    That is on a website called Wormwood Society and those guys know a lot about absinthe, don't they?

  4. Join in and ask if you're curious for more info! It seems that only thujone from large wormwood (i.e., not from small/Roman wormwood) is regulated.

  5. "La Clandestine is a much fresher and more complex Swiss blanche than Kubler"

    Agreed wholeheartedly. I'm pretty sure I wet myself when I read that post on The Real Absinthe Blog.

    I haven't been this excited since Lucid was first announced. It's really quite remarkable when you think how far absinthe has come in the US in so little time.

    Now, if we can just teach those pesky bartenders how to serve it properly...

  6. I have been drinking the Jade vertes for years. Strictly Jades. I would give anything to be able to walk into my local liquor store and pick up a bottle. Coincidently, I just received an order form LDF. 2 bottles (Ed & 1901) cost $280 including shipping so $110 a bottle is not a bad price.

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