Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicago Area Absinthe Sirène

Chicagoist reports that North Shore Distillery owners Derek and Sonja Kassebaum brought an assortment of spirits to Malt Advocate magazine's WhiskyFest, including two absinthes "Sirène"-- a white and a green-- and that they expect to have a product available to the public very soon.

With St. George from California and the upcoming Marteau Classic on the way made by House Spirits in Oregon, that's three from the U.S.-- four from North America if we count Okanagan Spirits in BC! Who ever would have guessed...?!

Please poke around the Absinthe Map to see who else is making it and where you can be served, and please email me or comment if you find more distilleries, bars, or specialty shops-- I'm rooting for everybody!
(via the Fée Verte Forums)

Update: Right after posting, I poked around the Wormwood Society Forums and read that there's yet another American distillery trying its hand at absinthe-- the Portland Tribune reports that Integrity Spirit also from Portland, Oregon is awating approval of their "Trillium" absinthe.


  1. You left out this one:


  2. If someone would have told the absinthe community exactly one year ago that by this time next year we would have several brands being sold out of the US, with many more actually being produced from WITHIN the counrty you probably would've gotten a beatdown for being so hopelessly optimistic...

  3. Hi!

    In La Coruña, Spain, are some bars and shops where you can find absinthe

    A Coruña- Sham Rock
    A Coruña- Casa Ramón

    A Coruña- Intersection of "Calle Paralela Puente" and "Calle Gaiteira"

    There are more bars and shops, but it's hard to find it with the google maps