Sunday, December 31, 2006

MacGyver's Homemade Dripper?

Ever find yourself with the good stuff but no appropriate watering rig? I got dripping in a few minutes using this setup...

Here it is set up and dripping. The drip is hidden in the inverted, chopped cup with the yellow stripe.

The key is the intersecting conical sections-- the yogurt containers act as dripping reservoir (purple stripe), a stand (yellow stripe), and a spoon for the sugar (lid). Most glass-top drippers do not have a place for the sugar.
Parts in top-to-bottom order-- reservoir/dripper, stand, sugar, lid, wire, glass.
Yes, this is "ghetto."


  1. Thats funny, it appeals to the maker in me, as well as the absinthe fan.

    I think Makezine might like this article.

    Btw, I found your blog by following the new traffic on my site. I'm enjoying your posts so far.

  2. ive got a bottle of good stuff and i like your idea. one question...the purple cup, is the bottom totally cut, or is there a small hole at the bottom of the resavior?